Return Policy

Upon shipment arrival, please inspect product before opening manufacturer’s seal. Please note, regarding returns, the return policy is 10 days beginning the day that product(s) were shipped to you.

NCDS CANADA Inc. will not accept returns of opened products (and/or software) that are incompatible; it is your responsibility to ensure compatibility of the product you are purchasing. Please refer to the manufacturer website before making a purchase to ensure compatibility. Please make sure that your system meets all the minimum requirements before buying.

All returns must be submitted through a proper Return of Merchandise (RMA) procedure. Do not return your product to us without an RMA; we are not responsible for products that are lost due to not having a proper RMA affixed to the package. RMA are issued within 10 days of the date on the invoice. After the 10 day period we cannot issue an RMA and will refer you to the manufacturer. The RMA numbers expire 10 days after they are issued.

To obtain an RMA, you must first contact the manufacturer and follow their procedures to confirm the product is defective. Once a ticket number has been issued to you that documents the product is defective you may contact and you will be issued an RMA number. The RMA number and the address of the return will be given to you within 24 hours of the receipt of the request.

All non defective, unopened items are subject to restocking fees of 30%. Defective items are replaced by the exact same product. If NCDS CANADA Inc. cannot replace the defective product it will be reimbursed, with the exception of transport fees. The RMA number is to be clearly indicated on the exterior of the packaging. We will refuse any incomplete returns or any that have not been authorized by NCDS CANADA Inc. The client is responsible for shipping at their own expense and any damage incurred any lost or stolen item in transit to NCDS CANADA Inc. We recommend that all shipped products are insured for damages and loss. Exceptions: Services such as installation, planned delivery are not refundable should the service already be carried out. Opened packaging of consumables (such as ink cartridges, toners, batteries, remotes, microphones, ear buds, headphones, software, CD’s DVD’s, video games) will not be exchanged. Because of the laws of copyright, software, CDs, DVDs, video games and music whose packaging has been opened cannot be returned. Defective software will be exchanged with the same title and is subject to availability. Prior to returning the software, we strongly suggest that you contact the manufacturer.