OKI DATA OKI Black Ribbon Cartridge printer ribbon - (52102001)

OKI Black Ribbon Cartridge, MICROLINE 186 Parallel (120v, USB) MICROLINE 186 Parallel (Black) MICROLINE 186 Serial (120v,..., Black
Black Ribbon for ML120/172/180/190/320/321 series and Turbo series
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OKI Black Ribbon Cartridge. Compatibility: MICROLINE 186 Parallel (120v, USB) MICROLINE 186 Parallel (Black) MICROLINE 186 Serial (120v,..., Colour of product: Black
Estimated Life of 3M characters.

90 Day Limited Warranty
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Compatibility MICROLINE 186 Parallel (120v, USB) \nMICROLINE 186 Parallel (Black) \nMICROLINE 186 Serial (120v, USB) \nMICROLINE 186 Serial (Black) \nMicroline 320 Turbo \nMicroline 320 Turbo DEC ANSI \nMICROLINE 320 Turbo w/RS-232C Serial \nMicroline 320 Turbo with CSF \nMicroline 320 Turbo/n \nMicroline 321 Turbo \nMicroline 321 Turbo DEC ANSI \nMicroline 321 Turbo with CSF \nMicroline 321 Turbo/n \nMicroline 184 Turbo Standard Parallel\nMicroline 184 Turbo Standard Serial\nMicroline 184 Turbo IBM Parallel\nMICROLINE 120\nMICROLINE 172\nMICROLINE 180\nMICROLINE 182\nMICROLINE 183\nMICROLINE 192\nMICROLINE 193\nMICROLINE 321\nMICROLINE 320\nMicroline 182 Plus\nMicroline 182 Turbo\nMicroline 192 Plus\nMICROLINE 184 Turbo Serial 220v\nMICROLINE 320 Turbo 230v
Colour of product Black
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OKI Black Ribbon Cartridge printer ribbon