Frequently Asked Questions


A Product I am interested in purchasing is listed as “Out Of Stock”, is it available for me to purchase?

Products that are listed as "Out Of Stock" are not available for purchase. They may have become unavailable from the manufacturer or we are unable to source the item at this particular time. Please check back at a later date to see if the item becomes available for purchase.

How do I know if a product is “In Stock”?

On the products page there are 2 possible states a product can have:

In Stock: The product is available to ship Monday through Friday the same day before 3PM Eastern Standard Time

This product usually ships in X weeks The product is not in our warehouse and will be fulfiled as soon as possible upon receiving an order. The estimate given is the average time it takes for a product to be sourced, sent to our warehouse and then shipped to you. If the estimate is incorrect you will be contacted with the revised ETA. Please note once we receive a product, it usually takes 1 business day to reach you depending on your location within Canada.

Why was my credit card charged before the item was shipped? 

When the check-out process is completed an “authorization only” is made to secure the funds for the purchase. This is not a charge; if the order is cancelled this will automatically be released. The credit card is only charged once the goods are shipped. If you beleive you have been charged for any reason, please contact your credit card provider for assistance.

Do you ship outside of Canada?
Presently, we ship to Canadian addresses only. No exceptions.
Can I pickup my item at one of your warehouses?
We do not offer local pickups at our warehouses.
Does NCDS Canada offer price matching?
We offer our lowest possible price at all times.