Epson Epson Black Fabric Ribbon TMU/TM/IT printer ribbon - (ERC-38B)

Epson Black Fabric Ribbon TMU/TM/IT, TM-U200D/ 300A/ 300B/ 300C/ 300D/ 370/ 375, Black
Black Fabric Ribbon TMU/TM/IT
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Epson Black Fabric Ribbon TMU/TM/IT. Compatibility: TM-U200D/ 300A/ 300B/ 300C/ 300D/ 370/ 375, Colour of product: Black
When you buy your Epson ERC38B Ribbon from TonerWorld, you can rest assured you are receiving genuine, quality product. Our customer service team is always available to help you should you have any questions regarding your Epson ERC38B Ribbon. TonerWorld ships all orders the day they are placed so you can be sure you will receive your Epson ERC38B Ribbon promtly. Our hassle free return policy insures that should you have any problems with your Epson ERC38B Ribbon we will either replace it for you or issue a full refund.
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Compatibility TM-U200D/ 300A/ 300B/ 300C/ 300D/ 370/ 375
Colour of product Black
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Epson Black Fabric Ribbon TMU/TM/IT printer ribbon