Cyber Protection


Eighteen percent of small businesses fell victim to a cyberattack or data breach over the last two years, proving cybercrime is not only escalating, but that no business is too small to land on a criminal’s radar.


Thinking otherwise can end up costing you—a lot. Thirty-seven percent of cyber victims say their attack cost them upwards of $100,000, while others find it difficult to put a price tag on the total cost of lost production, lost trust and penalties that can result from cyber disruptions.


To avoid becoming another unfortunate statistic, it’s critical to proactively strengthen your cyber posture. At NCDS, we can help by analyzing your current cybersecurity measures, identifying key areas of risk and establishing a plan to mitigate them. Depending on your specific situation, this may include a combination of hardware upgrades, software upgrades and/or enhanced cyber training.


NCDS offers a wide range of services designed to address your most pressing IT challenges.  As a solutions partner for leading technology brands—including Dell, HP, Trend Micro, WatchGuard and Microsoft —we’re also uniquely placed to help you protect your business and enhance your efficiency while keeping costs under control. To learn more, contact us.

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